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A complete overhaul


Soccajoeys is Sydney’s number one school for children to learn soccer. While the school is busy all year around, the website wasn’t supporting the number of enquiries coming through. Soccajoeys needed a more automated system, that would allow people to sign up their kids online rather than having to put in a lot of manual work (in addition to all the teaching outdoors!).

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The solution

Denkbar re-designed the Soccajoeys website and migrated to WordPress in the process. Moving to WordPress meant that Soccajoeys are noe able to update and manage their website themselves, from whichever device they might be using. Many of the previously manual processes were automated, so that Soccajoeys no longer need to worry about sign-ups and classes.

Colour and branding were also carefully overhauled to give a more consistent, fun look. A project well executed!

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