Paid Server-Side Sync vs. Free Plugin

By March 27, 2018Uncategorized

While CRM vendors offer their own “free” email sync solutions, typically through client-side plugins, we are observing a steep increase in clients reporting that plug-ins and other solutions don’t perform as expected. What’s more, plug-ins need to be installed and managed on each individual device, prompting users to log in on that respective device every time they use it.

Not only do users find limitations in functionality, they can be cumbersome and time-consuming to manage, and may stop working without the users’ knowledge. Users may, for example, think their appointments are syncing, when in fact they are not! Missed appointments are rarely welcomed and can impact CRM user adoption.

These are compelling reasons to look beyond the free solutions. But then – they are free, correct? Native to the system you are using anyway? So why not give them a try?

Having observed this exact thought process (including long months of trial and error) in various business settings for almost two years now, I will argue that going with a paid, server-side solution will not only save you a lot of time and hassle, but also makes sense from an investment and ROI perspective. Just how much money Riva can save you in the long run is subject to a simple ROI calculation that we can happily and objectively help you with.

Server-side solution vs. Plug-in: A comparison

So how exactly does Riva’s server-side solution compare with other plugins and solutions? From a functionality perspective, we often argue that Riva stands out through reliability, scalability and adjustability. A quick comparison (see table) confirms these statements.

So what if simple calendar sync is all you’re after? By all means. Try the free solutions. Many of them will be good enough for you, for now. But allow me to elaborate on one angle that you might not have considered, below:

Business requirements change, and with it do system requirements. You may have spent many months installing, testing, managing and training staff on your free, native plugin. But just assume for a moment that your business grows and needs a new CRM, or even just a simple upgrade. Or maybe you are moving from an On-Premise to a Cloud email solution, to name just a few typical scenarios. In that case, all these months of testing and training will be futile. With your new system, you are creating a new base line and starting from zero again.

Imagine the time, resources and money you spent on that “free” solution. And then imagine that going with a paid, server-side solution might have cost only a fraction of that time, resources and money, and that it allows you to move between systems easily while your users hardly even notice that it is doing its job elegantly in the background. Your free solution doesn’t seem to be “free” any more at all, does it?

Riva is used by over 125,000 users, across all vertical industries. Most of these users have tried “free” plugins and found “free” is not necessarily free. It’s easy to try Riva and learn the advantages of server-side email integration with CRM for your organization.

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